Automatic tonometer MediTech MT-40



Automatic tonometer MediTech MT-40 on the shoulder with an intelligent measurement system IQ system is  designed to measure systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse rate  using an oscillometric method. The device is recommended as a means of monitoring blood  pressure, heart rate and for dynamic monitoring of these parameters in  medical institutions and at home.



  • All automatic blood pressure monitors on the shoulder are made using the IQ SYSTEM smart measurement technology, which provides an accurate result and comfortable measurement (without squeezing the arm) by taking into account the heart rate when measuring and determining the optimal level of cuff inflation.
  • Color indication according to the WHO classification allows you to evaluate the result, to determine normal blood pressure and hypertension of 1.2 and 3 degrees.
  • The arrhythmia indicator helps to identify abnormal heart rhythms at an early stage. When an arrhythmia is detected, a special symbol appears on the display.
  • Calculation of the average pressure in accordance with the WHO recommendations to obtain the most accurate result.
  • Possibility of connecting a network adapter (MT-30, MT-40, MT-50). The adapter is sold separately. Energy saving mode. If the device is not used for 3 minutes, it saves all information and turns off.
  • Possibility of connecting cuffs of different sizes (MT-30, MT-40 and MT-50).
  • Memory for 2 users with 60 measurement results.
  • Large LCD display (larger than analogs).
  • Standard cuff included (for arm Ø 22-36 cm) and the ability to connect an enlarged and child cuff.
  • Soft case included.


  • Digital blood pressure meter – 1 pc.
  • Standard cuff for shoulder – 1 pc.
  • Soft cover – 1 pc.
  • AA batteries – 4 pcs.
  • Manual;
  • Packing box.


Discharge / Disconnect Automatic
Battery life ~ 2 months with three measurements per day
Arrhythmia indication Yes
Storage pouch Soft
Retention of information Measurement result / date / time / level according to WHO classification
Memory capacity 120 measurement results
Measurement limits 0 to 300 (Cuff pressure, mmHg) / 30 to 180 (Pulse, 1 / min)
Battery voltage,IN 6
Obtaining the average of the measurement results The last three dimensions
LCD display size,mm 84.1 x 55.1
Dimensions mm,no more 148 x 100 x 56
Weight g,no more (without batteries) 295
Source of power 4 AAA alkaline cells, 220 V (50 Hz) / 6 V AC adapter (not included)
Time indication Month / Day / Hour / Minute
Measurement error: Cuff pressure, mm Hg – ± 3 / Pulse,% – ± 5
Additional Information free service for the entire life of the product
Applicable cuff (included): Standard for arm circumference, 22-36 cm