CX in the Pharma Industry: Why it Counts

CX in the Pharma Industry: Why it Counts

Consumers want to interact with brands or businesses that offer them a positive customer experience. While this common knowledge across industries, CX is sometimes overlooked within the pharma industry.

quantitative study from McKinsey quantitatively shows that customer experience in pharma has a notable impact on the bottom line. Essentially, by placing more focus on customer experience, pharma brands stand to increase consumer satisfaction while earning more sales and boosting their market share.

In our hyper-connected digital age, the expectations of pharma customers are changing. In today’s world, consumers command comprehensive access to information as well as greater transparency from pharmaceutical companies⁠—and customer experience is the vessel for meeting these expectations. It’s the front line of communication.

For instance, a pharma brand that recently launched a new product for rheumatoid arthritis enhanced its prescription journey by making it simple for patients to schedule calls with medics and join a patient-support program simply by scanning the barcode on the product’s packaging. To further broaden its CX offerings, the company also developed a dynamic mobile app that serves as a personalized patient companion, addressing specific issues or pain points throughout every stage of the patient journey.

To evolve your CX offerings while delivering content or information tailored to the needs of your consumers, drilling down into the data, metrics, and insights is essential. That said, data fragmentation is one of the pharma industry’s biggest roadblocks.

Fragmented data fosters inefficiency, breaking down chains of communication that could result in a poor customer experience or even worse, informational inaccuracies⁠—the kind that can prove detrimental in the pharma industry.

But, by adopting more cohesive, centralized, and communicative internal frameworks while producing comprehensive buyer personas, pharma businesses can utilize the data that matters, improving every element of customer experience including vital marketing communications.

While investing in CX is critical to success in the pharma industry, your strategies and initiatives will prove redundant without adhering to regulation.

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