Mechanical tonometer MT-10


Mechanical tonometer MT-10 with a stethoscope and a luminescent coating for measuring blood pressure according to the Korotkov method.

  1. It is a precision instrument, ie. A. Does not respond to the electromagnetic waves from the household and professional appliances.
  2. Reliable. The pressure gauge has a shockproof metal housing.
  3. Comfortable:
    • Large pressure gauge display with easy-to-read numbers.
    • Screwdriver to calibrate the pressure gauge without going to the service center.
    • There are five types of cuffs of different sizes for adults and children.
    • Possibility of measuring pressure up to 1 min. (mandatory with a pacemaker).
  4. High-quality speaker system:
    • Sensitive membrane of the stethoscope.
    • Soundproofing from external noise.


  • diaphragm pressure gauge;
  • compression cuff;
  • a blower with a valve;
  • stethoscope;
  • screwdriver;
  • manual;
  • cover;
  • packing box.


Housing metal shockproof
Pressure gauge (size, additional specifications) standard calibrated
Value of division the division of the scale of the manometers of the device is 2 mm. rt. st
Metal. cuff fixation ring not
Cuff chamber latex
Cuff wear-resistant cuff made of high quality nylon
Cuff size 254-406 mm
measurement range the range of air pressure measurements in the compression cuff is 20-300 mm. rt. st
Dust filters in pear there is
Possibility of using 5 types of cuffs there is
Calibration screwdriver there is
Stethoscope separate
Case there is
Dimensions overall no more than 190x115x65 mm
Weight no more than 0, 542 kg
Additional Information free service for the entire life of the product
Guarantee 3 years