Mechanical tonometer MT-10

Frame: metal shockproof
Value of division: the price of dividing the scale of the pressure gauges of the device is 2 mm. rt. st
Metalcuff fixing ring: No
Camera cuff: Latex
Cuff: wear-resistant cuff made of high quality nylon
Cuff size: 254-406 mm
Measurement range: measurement range of air pressure in the compression cuff 20-300 mm. rt. st
Dust filters in pear: there is
Ear olives: Soft
Possibility to use 5 types of cuffs: there is
Calibration screwdriver: there is
Case: there is
Overall dimensions: 190x115x65 mm
Weight: no more than 0.468 kg
Additional Information: free service throughout the life of the product
Guarantee: 3 years

Mechanical tonometer MT-10 for measuring blood pressure according to the Korotkov method.

  1. It is a high-precision device, because it does not react to electromagnetic waves from household and professional equipment.
  2. Reliable. The manometer has a metal shockproof case.
  3. Comfortable:
    • Large gauge display with easy to read numbers.
    • Screwdriver for calibrating the pressure gauge without contacting a service center.
    • Fits five types of cuffs of different sizes for adults and children.
    • Ability to measure pressure up to 1 min. (required if you have a pacemaker).


  • membrane manometer;
  • compression cuff;
  • blower with valve;
  • screwdriver;
  • manual;
  • case;
  • packing box.