TOSCANA CARE – hair growth stimulating Lotion with Redensyl

Volume : 100 ml

Properties: Italian cosmetologists have invented a wonderful product that will solve the problem of slow hair growth. They have infused it with natural ingredients: extracts of nettle, mallow, peppermint, aloe and calendula, as well as vitamins and minerals.

The Toscana Care Lotion improves capillary circulation, actively strengthens and nourishes hair roots and stimulates hair growth.  Alcohol-free; due to its pro-vitamins B5 and PP it normalizes the upper layers of the scalp, having a healing and stimulating effect on the cells of the hair follicles. As a result, your hair is revitalized, grows better and becomes thicker.

Directions: Apply to the scalp. Massage for 1-3 minutes, do not rinse. For external use. We recommend using the lotion in tandem with the shampoo of this range, as the combined therapy is part of a targeted prophylaxis

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